Michael & Sandra


It’s true what they say, time flies when you’re having fun, and our wedding day flew by! All the planning, all the stress, all the little details, even the weather all came together that perfect December 8th day. When I woke that morning I realized, today is my wedding day! As I started to put on my makeup and make my hair pretty… the bigness of that day sank in.  Today, I embark on the greatest adventure I will EVER be on with my best friend, I was nervous and excited and I wanted to soak up every moment as much as I could.  I will be honest, I don’t remember much once we got to the venue. We were rushed to get into the bridal suite as the men were only about 2 minutes behind us.  My sister helped me into my dress and we rushed to get pictures done so we could do our long awaited first look. It was time, I was finally going to see my groom all dressed up and I couldn’t wait for him to see me in my beautiful dress that I had been waiting to show him for over a year! I was anxious, nervous, scared, happy and sad (because my mother wasn’t there to see me on the happiest day of my life). When he walked up behind me and tapped my shoulder and as I turned around and saw him all the nerves disappeared, everyone disappeared to me, it was just him and I at that moment and I was ready to become his wife. It was honestly the wedding of my dreams, not only was I becoming Mr. Vasquez, all of our closest friends and family were there to join us on the biggest day of our lives, so far.  All of our vendors really came through for us, each and every one of them made us feel extremely comfortable and at ease all we had to do was enjoy our perfect day. And we sure did! All of our hard work was right in front of our eyes.  The perfect venue, the perfect flowers, the perfect cake, the perfect dress, the perfect s'mores bar, the perfect groom. It was all absolutely perfect, I just wish I could relive that day again. 


the first thing that comes to mind was absolutely how comfortable I felt that day. Everything felt right about that day, I wasn’t nervous, but more appreciative, and happy that today was the day I got to marry my best friend and soul mate.  the day went by so fast, I blinked and the day was over, but what a spectacular day it was. we really worked hard to make that day every bit as beautiful and special as we could and looking back all the planning / vendor shopping / wedding showcases / etc it was worth it. to be able to give my wife and beautiful bride the wedding that she so truly deserves was all that mattered to me. to see her smile, laugh, and hear the happiness in her voice was what I remember most about that day. 

Venue: Padua Hills Theatre

Florist: Irises Design

DJ: Entertainment Express

Desert: La TEA Da

Photobooth: Smiley Shots