Madisen & David


Madisen: The year, months, weeks, days, and even hours leading up to the wedding felt like they would never end. Once the day did arrive, we hit the ground running. I remember the morning of sitting in my chair getting my hair done and writing a letter to my husband. It was amazing that in a few more hours I would be his wife. Through the business of the morning and everyone running around like crazy, I remember these precious quiet moments, where I felt I knew this was the best day of my life. I knew this is and was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I was so anxious for 3:30 pm to arrive. I wanted to make sure that we didn’t see each other, even though all I wanted to do was see my David. Another moment I will cherish forever was walking down the aisle with my dad. It meant the world to me that he had gave me away, but also entrusted David with me. I felt like time was moving in slow motion and once I saw David, everything stopped. All of my worries suddenly went away because there He was. The man of my dreams and now he was going to be my husband. I am thankful for our ceremony. It was so sacred and as we said our vows I felt as though they were sealed in our hearts as well as God’s heart. The rest of the night felt like it was straight out of a fairytale! Nothing could stop us now as we were one and danced the night away with our closest family and friends. I felt and still feel so blessed to be surrounded by so many family and friends who continue to support us to this day. We talked that night and both felt so encouraged and uplifted by those around us. Everything that I had wanted and wished for had happened. I would not change anything about that day except that I wish I could go back and do it all again! Ecclesiastes 3:11 says: “God has made everything beautiful in it’s time.” I look forward to spending the rest of my life with my beloved David and overtime, with God’s grace, each hour, day, week, month, and year becoming more and more beautiful.

David: The morning of December 22 moved incredibly slow leading up to the moments that
would occur at 3:30 PM that day. I can remember only thinking about looking at Madi for the
first time in her beautiful white dress. Everyone who had seen it prior could only talk exciting
things about how she looked in that dress and I was the only one who hasn’t seen it. When 3:30 PM came, I no longer could focus on the groomsmen, bridesmaids, my parents, or the guests; I was only looking for that one person to walk down the aisle. As soon as I saw her I was filled with feelings of happiness and in a state of awe. She was more beautiful than I could ever imagine. She was MY beautiful bride. As the ceremony continued I could only stare straight into her brown eyes and think, this is my wife, this is my best friend, this is the partner God gave me. My heart was full and complete.
The reception was even more immaculate as we entered the room for the first time as
Husband and Wife. I held my wife’s hand for the first time and I didn’t want to let go. We had an amazing time celebrating our union with the friends and family who supported us. I wanted to cry with the everlasting support which everyone gave us and I couldn’t be happier. I felt so proud to be walking and greeting everyone with my new wife and that from that day we would be known as the Marbles. We had family and friends come from all over the world celebrate with us and I was glad that we were able to say our greetings to every person.
Once the dancing commenced, this is when the laughter and fun was released. It was as if
the night would never end with the music and group of people surrounding us. Neither of us
wanted that night to end but I knew that in my heart it never would. In my heart this night would never be forgotten and would continue to play in my heart for the rest of eternity. I love my girl, I love my wife.

What a beautiful wedding filled with a lot of true emotions. It was truly an honor to be apart of such a momentous occasion. Sometimes we just know when a couple is going to last a life time and I have to say we totally know this to be true with you two. Looking forward to all your life adventures together. Thank you for letting us capture your amazing love. <3

Venue: Aliso Viejo Wedgewood

Coordinator: Sharrell Elle Smith

Photography: Jaymee Lynn Photography

Florals: NPD Events

Dessert: Chunk-N-Chip

D.J.: Anthony Hernandez

Videographer: Cinema Life Weddings