Hannah & Alex


Hannah - My wedding day was the most perfect day of my life. From the beginning everything went exactly as I wanted. I was able to relax and enjoy some time with my mom, sister, bridesmaids, and flower girl as they got ready. Then it was my turn to get my hair and make up done and that’s when the nerves started! It all started getting real. As soon as I slipped into my dress, I had a rush  of emotions seeing myself in my wedding gown. It was the first time in my year and a half engagement that it finally felt real. I looked at myself and saw the little girl that used to always imagine who she would marry. The little girl that always hoped she’d find a man that loves her like her Dad does, that takes care of her the way her mom does, and makes her laugh the way her family does. And that little girl found all those things in the man she was about to marry. And it all felt so right. I walked down the aisle with my Dad, and saw Alex crying as he looked at me. That was the most special moment of the whole day, seeing Alex so emotional and then getting to share our vows, just the two of us, was as intimate as I wanted. We got to share and celebrate the rest of the day with our friends and family; dancing, drinking, smoking cigars, and celebrating. It was all I ever pictured and so much more. Time to spend the rest of my life with my husband!


Alex - Our wedding day was everything I could've imagined, from love, laughter, and emotions! Seeing my wife walk down the aisle is something that I will never forget and always picture and remember as the best of moment of my life. The time that we spent at the alter giving our vows and staring into each others eyes was so special. The anticipation of officially making Hannah my wife was definitely worth the wait. From the time we were engaged to the time we said "I do" it helped me enjoy every second. The wedding day was wonderful, to get to spend our special day with our families and friends meant the world to me. To have people there that supported us and loved us and wanted to be apart of our day was so awesome and I thank them all. From our grand entrance to first dance, to cake cutting and our final goodbye, this was a day that of course a Bride looks forward to, but for me as the Groom I couldn't have pictured anything better! I now I have my Mrs. Young

Venue: kellogg house

Coordinator: Ali Boulger

Floral: flower Allie

Guitarist: Gyasi Ross

Officiant: Carolyn Alexander

Dj: Alex Morales

Photographer: Laarne

Cake: Beverly Bakery 

Cinematographer: Cinema Life Weddings