Craig & Ania

Ania: Honestly, there were only two things that I wanted out of this wedding: 1) Marry this God fearing man who showed me what love really is. And 2) Show our family and friends what that love looks like. Everything else fell into place. It was pretty easy for me. I never wanted a huge elaborate wedding, but it definitely helped that the venue we chose came with its’ own furniture and wedding coordinator. Craig and I knew exactly what we wanted and we wanted to keep it simple but tasteful. When picking our vendors, it was important to us that we chose individuals who were not only talented, but also incredible human beings. That was significant to us because our vendors also play a big part in making the day extra special. Every single person that day made it pretty dang incredible.

Craig: Wedding planning definitely tested our teamwork, and I have to say, it was easier than I anticipated, mostly because Ania and I agreed on a lot of things. We had the same idea of marriage and what we wanted out of it so it made it easy to make decisions together leading up to the wedding.  The idea of planning for a wedding can be extremely overwhelming, but we were grateful to have an awesome team of vendors who made the processes more exciting and less overwhelming. We couldn’t be more blessed to be surrounded with amazing family and friends who supported us throughout the entire journey.

Craig & Ania have a special kind of love, the love that will last throughout time. Over the past 10 years of filming weddings one thing always remains the same. Regardless of the circumstances, when a couple can laugh, dance and have a great time that couple will last a lifetime. It is refreshing to see the love you share with each other and we are so excited for you and what’s to come. Thanks to Brittani and Bryan for making the connection, we put an Easter egg inside the highlight film for a tribute to that connection. Congratulations and thank you for having us tell the story of your wonderful love. 

Venue: Twin Oaks House and Garden Estate

Florist: Soiree Design & Events

Catering: Wedding Day Catering Inc

Make-up: Makeup By Kandice

Hair: Savannah Turrietta

Desserts: Little Hunnys Cakery

DJ: My Djs (DJ Danny Aon)

Dress: Rosa Clara

Photographer: Amber Goetz

Videographer: Cinema Life Weddings