Danny & Darlene

Darlene: That night before the wedding felt like forever. I was trying to write a letter for Danny to read the next day, but I was nervous, anxious, excited that my penmanship looked terrible and I decided to try and relax until the next morning. That morning, it was another bright sunny day in beautiful Southern California during the month of February. When we had started planning for the wedding, we weren't sure about the weather but were hoping for some sunshine and we were already blessed. I was able to write my letter more calmly in the morning and went downstairs to have breakfast with some of the bridesmaids, telling myself that I need to eat but eat healthy. The make up crew arrived and they began setting my hair and I waited until the end to have my make up done. We gathered all our items and went downstairs to get an uber to take us to the venue. The uber that we ordered  said it could accommodate all 5 of us, but it was a lie and we had to order another uber. By then we were running late to the venue and I was getting nervous. I am not the most timely person, but I wanted to make sure there was enough time prior to the wedding service for photos. We arrived to the venue, saw the beautiful set up of the ceremony and rushed down to get dressed. It was a whirlwind from there. I slipped into my dress and waited patiently as my mother and Matron of Honor laced up the corset back. The girls and I went outside to take pictures and I took a few other photos with my family. I returned to the bridal suite while everyone else went outside to get lined up, and from that moment on felt like forever. I remember praying and thanking God for this wonderful day that I am about to experience and for the love that is surrounding us right now. It was finally my turn to get lined up and my dad and I stood at the doorway waiting for it to open. When the doors finally opened, hearing the music and seeing my future husband all teary eyed and the beautiful decor,  I immediately started to feel teary eyed. At that moment, I told myself you can't cry because you don't have any hands to wipe the tears and your make up can't be ruined yet! One arm is locked with my dad, and the other hand is holding the bouquet- so stop crying! I was able to tune everything out in order to stop the tears from flowing. If you know me, I cry over everything, so not crying at that moment was surprising. From that moment on, I knew that God would be with us and bless us. 

Danny: It was the night before our wedding and as I laid there in bed, all I could think of was Darlene. We'd be living the day we'd been planning for the last few months in just a little over 12 hours. I imagined how it would all go down, from what we had practiced the day before during rehearsal, to our exit. Little did I know, there would be some hiccups along the way, but our wedding ceremony and reception panned out way beyond my expectations. Standing at the front, I watched as our bride and groom parties made their way down preparing the way for Darlene. When she came walking down the aisle, any ounce of cool I thought I had, was gone and I just let my tears of joy come on out. I was about to marry this beautiful, pure soul. I know how much time and effort she put into this wedding, and as I looked around and saw how everything fell into place, I couldn't help but smile and knew she did such a fantastic job. Normally I'm not a dancer, and for good reason, I'm a terrible dancer. But I was just in the best mood. I just got married to the love of my life, and I had to dance and celebrate! We had some loving moments, and we had some goofy moments that was just us, but combined, they became such memorable aspects of the wedding. Planning the wedding was a lot of work and dedication for us both, but luckily we had some of the greatest vendors to help us make this our dream wedding. With the support of our vendors, family and friends along our journey, we pulled off our perfect wedding.

Venue: Coto de Caza Golf & Racquet Club

Coordinator / Floral: Invited by Tricia

Photographer: Alicia Danielle Photography

Cake: Plumeria Cakes 

Make Up/Hair: The Face of Beauty

Dove Release: White Flite

DJ & Photobooth: DJ Soleil Entertainment

Videography: Cinema Life Weddings